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With computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems, it’s possible for organizations to fully organize and automate much of the work order process. Systems like iMaint and iMaint Fleet boast a complete work order generation, management and reporting system with a wealth of capabilities.

Our CMMS and EAM software automates work order management by streamlining the process from beginning to end.

  • Keep track of labor, parts and miscellaneous maintenance costs

  • Estimate and track labor (internal and contract)

  • Group multiple assets and procedures together on a single order

  • Quickly assign labor hours for faster processing and closing

  • Schedule resources for specific work orders

  • Graphically show outstanding work for the day, week or month

  • Reschedule work orders and assign internal and contract labor with a few clicks of a mouse

  • Re-open work orders as necessary to make corrections or add information until the accounting year has been closed

  • Perform downtime tracking

  • Notifications to employees based on type of work and status

work order management

Work Order Management for Fleets

Our fleet maintenance solution makes it simpler for teams to manage vehicle maintenance. There are many benefits associated with iMaint Fleet, such as the ability to keep each unit’s maintenance history and records up to date. For example, odometer readings can be updated easily after a technician completes a work order on a unit. Features like mobile CMMS even make it possible to update records in real time.

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Interested in learning more about work order management? Read a few of our blog posts specifically geared toward work orders. You can also check out ways to enhance CMMS utilization overall.

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