iMaint Video Tutorials

Our introductory videos will help you get started. For more in-depth knowledge on the topics below or other areas of iMaint, please contact your Account Manager for personal one-on-one training with a Professional Services Consultant.

Learn your way around iMaint. Get acquainted with navigation and configuration options for each user.

Before you begin working in iMaint, there are several things to consider. Learn more about user settings, site settings, recommended data entry and more.

Become familiar with iMaint work requesters for creating and managing new work requests.

Begin setting up your preventive maintenance schedules, including forecasts for upcoming maintenance activities. See how to convert your schedules into open work orders.

See how to manage work orders from beginning to end in iMaint. Learn the benefits of Full Work Orders versus the simplicity of Quick Work Orders.

There are factors to consider when defining part records within iMaint’s Inventory module. Learn our tips and recommendations!

Learn more about the purchasing module within iMaint, including requests, reviewing and generating proofs and processing POs.

Learn more about reporting and graphs, including advanced reporting features, available within iMaint 4.3.

Learn more about work order edits, required fields, task details and deploying forms within iMaint 4.3.

Learn how to create new work orders and work requests, perform inventory control functions, scan barcodes and more—right from your fingertips.

Learn how to utilize iMaint in conjunction with condition monitoring technology.