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What is CMMS Software?

What does CMMS stand for? It stands for computerized maintenance management system. It’s a software package that maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations, and is used to help maintenance workers do their jobs more effectively. Learn more about CMMS software.

How CMMS is Used

Computerized maintenance management software is used for a number of reasons. It streamlines all relevant data for assets, making it easy to determine which machines require maintenance and which warehouses contain spare parts needed. Maintenance staff utilize CMMS to create and manage work orders, create work requests, perform inventory control functions and much more. Its use of real-time data and robust reporting functionality also helps management make smarter asset management decisions. For example, management can calculate the cost of machine replacements and compare it to preventative maintenance costs for each machine. CMMS data may also be utilized to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Benefits of a CMMS

  • Plan & Schedule Preventive Maintenance

  • Manage Work Orders Efficiently

  • Manage Spare Parts Inventory & Purchasing

  • Reduce Overtime, Downtime & Costs

  • Ensure Compliance with Regulatory Standards

  • Eliminate Paperwork

  • Enhance Productivity

  • Improve Safety & Reliability

  • Keep a Finger on the Pulse of Your Organization

Selecting the Best CMMS Software

There are many options and factors to consider when selecting CMMS software. Enterprise asset management (EAM) software, for example, may be best-suited for companies with multiple locations. Deciding which deployment method, such as on-premise or cloud-based software, is another important decision. We’ve curated a few blog posts to help you with the process of selecting the best CMMS software.

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Cloud-Based Solutions

Part of the flexibility provided by DPSI are two cloud based CMMS software solutions for our customers: Cloud Hosted CMMS Software or Private Cloud On-Premise CMMS Software.

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CMMS Customer Success Stories

Browse our CMMS customer success stories to learn how our software helped organizations in a variety of industries solve critical maintenance challenges and improve operations.



Sonoco, a multi-billion dollar manufacturer of industrial and consumer products and packaging, utilizes innovative CMMS system iMaint to maintain multiple plants in 32 countries.


City of Reidsville

Reidsville saw the need for computer software that would help departments manage maintenance and track asset costs. After evaluating several companies and products, Reidsville chose iMaint.

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