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What is CMMS Software?

CMMS stands for computerized maintenance management system. It’s a software package that maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations, and is used to help maintenance workers do their jobs more effectively. Learn more about computerized maintenance management software.

How CMMS is Used

  • Streamlines all relevant data for assets, making it easy to determine which machines require maintenance and which warehouses contain spare parts needed

  • Allows users to manage work orders from beginning to end, create work requests, perform inventory control functions and many more maintenance-related tasks

  • Enables robust reporting functionality and helps demonstrate regulatory compliance by providing detailed information

what is cmms

Benefits of a CMMS

A preventive maintenance strategy helps ensure your organization operates most efficiently. CMMS software allows users to create maintenance schedules for each piece of equipment, prolonging assets’ life cycles.

CMMS software automates work order management, streamlining the process from beginning to end. The software functions as a complete work order generation, management and reporting system for maintenance departments.

Ensuring you have the correct spare parts and inventory on hand will support maintenance activities efficiently, keeping operations and production on schedule. CMMS systems also help inventory management costs down by eliminating over-ordering.

Computerized maintenance management software is the primary tool companies utilize to implement a more proactive maintenance strategy. The software enables preventive maintenance scheduling and stores all relevant data, so maintenance isn’t simply reacting to equipment failures and making asset management decisions without any data.

CMMS systems store detailed information needed to comply with governing agencies’ regulations. Data is organized and can be easily retrieved for reporting purposes, audits and inspections. Organizations can avoid hefty fines by being able to successfully demonstrate compliance.

Work order hard copies, paper files, clipboards and over-sized filing cabinets no longer have to play a role in maintenance operations. CMMS software has made it possible to eliminate paperwork by storing all relevant documentation and automating work order processes.

CMMS software modules, such as work orders and assets, automate much of the manual process of managing work orders and assets. Features such as mobile CMMS can eliminate manual data entry by utilizing barcode or QR code scanning capabilities. A dashboard component allows management to keep tabs on maintenance key performance indicators (KPIs), providing critical data to support their decision-making process.

Keeping employees safe is of the utmost importance, and equipment reliability plays a significant role. When a piece of machinery malfunctions or when standard operating procedures (SOPs) aren’t followed, accidents are more likely to occur. CMMS software helps companies maintain safety standards by keeping equipment in good working condition and storing a wealth of data such as SOPs, which can be accessed at any time.

EAM vs. CMMS Software

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software gives companies the ability to manage multiple assets, users and locations from the same system. It runs on networks, syncs data and gives companies vast amounts of information relating to asset management lifecycles across various sites. EAM is much like CMMS in its maintenance management features, and both solutions fall under the category of maintenance management software.

There are many options and factors to consider when deciding what type of maintenance management software solution is best. For example, EAM software may be best-suited for companies with multiple locations. Deciding which deployment method, such as on-premise or cloud-hosted CMMS, is another important decision.

Here are a few resources we’ve written to help guide the maintenance management software selection process.

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iMaint enterprise asset management software, available as either an on-premise or cloud-hosted solution, is highly customizable at company and user levels.

Pricing begins at $60 user/month.

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PMC, an on-premise solution, is one of the most widely used CMMS systems in the world. It’s easy for maintenance technicians to learn and use.

Pricing starts at $2,000 one-time.

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CMMS Customer Success Stories

Browse our CMMS customer success stories to learn how our software helped organizations in a variety of industries solve critical maintenance challenges and improve operations.


Cooke Aquaculture

Cooke Aquaculture, a global seafood company, relies on science and experts to ensure sustainability, while relying on iMaint for the maintenance of their marine assets.


Green Bay Packaging

Green Bay Packaging is a diversified corporation that uses iMaint to connect and monitor multiple sites across their enterprise.


Sonoco (Mobile)

Sonoco, one of the world’s largest packaging companies, utilizes iMaint Online to maintain multiple plant locations in 32 countries. Additionally, they opted for iMaint Mobile to streamline their work order processes.

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