Shifting to the Cloud: What to Consider When Switching to a Cloud-Based CMMS System

A common mantra repeated throughout the software world today is that the cloud is the future, and this is equally true within the equipment maintenance software industry. Most CMMS/EAM vendors offer a cloud-based CMMS option, and some vendors also offer a cloud add-on module for on-premise customers.

When you’re considering using a cloud-hosted CMMS for the first time, it can be concerning because a certain sense of security comes with the understanding that your data is your data and it’s only on your server. If this is a concern, your organization can use on-premise CMMS utilizing a private cloud on your own servers. However, there are distinct advantages to  cloud-hosted CMMS.

Get Up and Running Quickly

With cloud-hosted CMMS/EAM systems, you can be up and running in a matter of hours or minutes. There’s no need to configure hardware, install software, etc. since everything is taken care of by the cloud-hosted software.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Anytime, anywhere access is a powerful advantage of cloud-based equipment maintenance software. A CMMS system in the cloud can be accessed from any computer with Internet access, so users can manage assets and their maintenance from any location. With equipment maintenance software accessible via the cloud, your organization will be able to provide real-time updates to work orders.

Cloud-Based CMMS Provides Cost Savings

Cloud-based CMMS software is hosted on the vendor’s servers so you don’t have to pay for server hardware and maintenance, licensing, IT support, and network configuration. Managed backups are also included in the subscription fee.  With cloud-hosted CMMS software, you also pay as you go and avoid the significant upfront expenses associated with on-premise solutions.

Increases Maintenance Productivity

Improving access to your EAM software enhances maintenance productivity by giving maintenance personnel the ability to log in and complete tasks via a web browser without being at their desks. Being able to deliver results faster and cheaper without sacrificing quality can make your business more agile and give you a competitive edge. Cloud computing also increases collaboration between members of your organization by allowing all employees, wherever they are located, to work on tasks and receive critical updates in real-time.

Easy Software Updates

If you use cloud-hosted CMMS/EAM software, you can rest assured that your software will always be current and available. Your vendor will update your software with the latest features and stay on top of patches, fixes, and security updates to resolve system issues.

If your organization is considering a move to the cloud, consider DPSI’s cloud-based CMMS/EAM options. We offer the best of both worlds, so our users can choose a purely cloud-hosted EAM system or have on-premise software that can also be accessed via the cloud. We offer an option for our on-premise EAM system iMaint called iMaint Cloud, which enables you to access your complete EAM system using any computer with network or Internet access. We also offer iMaint as cloud-hosted software that allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of our EAM software without the IT burden. Contact us for more information, or request a free demo today.


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