All fleet vehicles require individualized, ongoing maintenance in order to operate at peak efficiency. For this reason, maintaining an entire fleet is next to impossible without the help of an organized system. A fleet maintenance software system helps ensure each vehicle receives its required level of maintenance, thus extending the life of each vehicle and maximizing return on investment (ROI).

Fleet Maintenance Software System Capabilities

Fleet maintenance software enables the scheduling of preventive maintenance tasks such as oil changes, tire replacements, inspections and more. Scheduling can be implemented based on odometer reading or by date options. You can keep track of an unlimited number of vehicles and assets within iMaint Fleet, a leading fleet maintenance software solution. Important data such as repair costs, inspection requirements and fuel usage is stored for each vehicle, and may be retrieved at any time for quick reference. Our software knows when a specific vehicle or asset is due for service based on last and current odometer reading or date criteria and generates a work order automatically.

Extend the Life of Vehicles

By ensuring that each vehicle within a fleet receives maintenance on a timely and regular basis, you’ll increase the useful life and maximize the return on investment for vehicles. Staying on top of manufacturer’s guidelines, tune-ups according to mileage, recall information, and more is an invaluable tool–especially when all the information needed is at your fingertips. Employing a preventive maintenance, one that focuses on the proper care of vehicles to prevent failures and breakdowns, can extend the life of vehicles by three or more years. The ability to put off the purchase of a new vehicle by just a few years can create significant cost-saving opportunities for a company.

Reduce Instances of Downtime

Transitioning to a preventive maintenance program by investing in fleet maintenance software will help your company operate at peak efficiency. iMaint Fleet ensures preventive maintenance is performed on each and every vehicle, thereby decreasing the likelihood of unplanned downtime and repairs. Any unforeseen time spent repairing vehicles are dollars lost. A fleet maintenance software purchase usually pays for itself within a short period of time when you analyze money saved on unplanned repairs year over year.

Eliminate Paperwork and Enhance Productivity

iMaint Fleet, which can be used on desktop, tablet or mobile device, eliminates the need for storing hard copy files. Instead of manually organizing paper files and running the risk of losing important documents, team members can retrieve information regarding a specific vehicle or asset quickly and easily with iMaint Fleet. Without the need for paperwork and manual entry of data, staff can utilize time usually spent on these tasks for more productive job duties. Fleet maintenance software allows your business to operate more efficiently.

Make More Informed Decisions

Vehicle and asset information stored within iMaint can not only be quickly retrieved, but also formatted into reports, graphs or dashboards. Management can analyze data in the form of easy-to-view reports, charts and graphs, allowing them to evaluate big-picture results. There are over 200 ready-to-run reports as well as custom reporting options within iMaint Fleet. The ability to identify trends over a period of time, as well as access real-time data, allows for more informed decision-making. Data-driven decisions usually result in higher success rates, thus allowing for future company growth and profitability.

iMaint Fleet is Your Pathway to Success

iMaint Fleet is a robust maintenance management software system that’s easy to learn and use. Our intuitive user interface can be customized for individuals or groups of users, allowing your company to focus only on the aspects crucial to your business. iMaint Fleet is available either cloud hosted or on-premise with a private cloud option–so companies can choose the solution that best fits their individual needs.

When you purchase our fleet maintenance software, you’re also subscribing to a wealth of knowledge. DPSI provides training on-site, at our headquarters or online through a series of webinars. As a customer, you’ll always have access to exclusive information from Customer Corner, accessed from the DPSI website. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in user-based discussions in which you’ll gain invaluable insight into how other companies use iMaint. You’ll even be able to provide input on what features and enhancements you’d like to see as we implement software updates based on customer feedback.

A fleet maintenance software system provides a variety of cost-saving benefits. Moving toward a preventive maintenance program is one of the best decisions you could ever make for your business, as it helps ensure the highest ROI. To learn more about iMaint Fleet maintenance software system, contact us or sign up for a free trial today.