Expanding the Usage of Your Maintenance Management Software

Once you have implemented computerized maintenance management software (CMMS software), your organization will quickly begin to see the benefits of this system on your operations and your bottom line. The management team will look to expand its influence in new ways within the company. However, expansion without a clear purpose or function will only serve to create confusion, so it is important to approach this expansion carefully. There are three key opportunities to advance or expand the usage of maintenance management software:

  1. Going mobile. Depending upon the level of tech-savviness in your organization, maintenance technicians may or may not already be heavily utilizing smartphones and tablets in the field. Either way, if you have not considered the mobile usage of maintenance management software, this is a vital area for your consideration. By taking advantage of mobile technology, your maintenance technicians will be able to provide real-time updates to their activities and reduce the need for duplicate tracking of activities.
  2. Expanding to new sites. Each time a new site is put into service, there is an opportunity to expand the maintenance management software.
  3. Integration with new or existing software. While having maintenance management software is profoundly helpful, imagine the extended usefulness once the system is integrated with your ERP system, or your general ledger software. The potential for automation and removal of duplicate efforts is monumental.

Preparing to Expand Maintenance Management Software

In many ways, expanding usage of maintenance management software is similar to the initial implementation. There are several steps that should be considered and acted upon to ensure a successful expansion.

  • Key stakeholder buy-in. Without executive support, any initiative is far more likely to fail. It is vital to engage and secure the vocal support of key stakeholders in this expansion effort.
  • Provide individualized training. With the expansion, several things will shift. Different employees will be utilizing the maintenance management software, and the roles and tasks of those already using it may change. Targeted, individualized training to address both sides of this scenario should be prepared and implemented before the expansion is finalized.
  • Create a road map. Any expansion or implementation is a complex process, one in which multiple individuals are responsible for disparate tasks to be completed independently but within specified timelines and to fulfill a common goal. In order to ensure that all parties complete their assigned tasks correctly and in a timely manner, a cross-functional team of stakeholders should be gathered for a single purpose – to develop a detailed work plan that will guide the expansion.

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