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Asset Management2018-10-26T15:06:05+00:00
  • All work orders associated with an asset

  • All parts and procedures associated with an asset

  • Schedules set up for an asset

  • General ledger accounts

  • Asset status and location change

  • Recurring and non-work order related costs

  • Date purchased

  • Warranties and codes

  • Meter readings

  • Seasons

  • Repairs and equipment downtime

  • Attachments and comments

Powerful and Versatile Asset Management

In addition to entering standard information, you can set up user-defined fields for all assets and specifications by asset type.

The asset tree displays each asset and its parent or children. Other asset options include asset types, asset locations, asset groups, meter types, meter update and lines.

Manage Assets in iMaint Fleet

Group similar vehicles together within a Unit Group to save time scheduling the group for work that can be performed on each vehicle at the same time.

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