Customer Support

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Superior CMMS Customer Support

DPSI understands the crucial role support plays for our customers. When we say that we offer excellent customer support and services, we truly mean it! DPSI is an industry leading maintenance software provider who does not believe in merely selling products and services; we partner with our customers to ensure their success. Our CMMS Customer Support Team is highly professional, friendly, supportive and patient. When you contact us, your call is answered promptly by our Fast Response Desk. Unlike many software companies, we do not outsource our customer service. You’ll get assistance from real people—not an automated phone system.

DPSI is the industry leader in customer support with:

  • Free Product Upgrades & Updates

  • Access to Private Customer Corner & Forums

  • DPSI User Group Membership

  • Subscription to Solutions Newsletter

Customer Involvement & Product Enhancements

DPSI values suggestions for enhancements to our CMMS software products, and customers are encouraged to offer feedback via forums on Customer Corner. These suggestions are added to polls sent out to customers, and the features receiving the highest number of votes are added to DPSI’s future product releases.

Our iMaint and PMC User Advisory Boards are comprised of volunteer customers spanning various industries who assist other customers in further understanding their products. DPSI hosts interactive board discussions, which provide invaluable opportunities for fellow users to learn from each other and continually improve their maintenance operations.