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Make the Most of Your Maintenance Management Software

Many companies can sell you maintenance management software, but making the technology work for your organization is another story altogether. One key factor that sets DPSI apart from other maintenance management software companies is our Professional Services Team, which is made up of experienced trainers and consultants who are totally committed to your success. Our Professional Services Team assists you at every step to ensure that you get the most from your EAM/CMMS software.

DPSI serves over 6,000 customers worldwide. Our customers have stayed with us because we provide the most powerful and practical maintenance management solutions and deliver an unmatched customer experience. From initial setup to ongoing management, we work with you to effectively implement your EAM/CMMS system and maximize your ROI.

Project Planning

Reduce maintenance costs with the help of project planning, during which our Professional Services Team takes an in-depth look at your maintenance department’s processes, practices, and challenges. A maintenance assessment and project planning consists of an on-site investigation and culminates in a detailed report that provides recommendations in the following areas:

  • Improving equipment reliability
  • Reducing maintenance inventory costs
  • Improving returns on assets
  • Improving labor efficiency
  • Boosting company profitability
  • Reducing overall operating costs

Our assessment report includes a step-by-step plan with specific milestones for transitioning smoothly to our software.


Whether you’re new to our EAM/CMMS software or you’re looking to optimize your existing system, our Professional Services Team can teach you how to get the most out of our solutions in your particular environment. We offer workshops at our Training Center in Greensboro, NC, web-based training courses, and on-site training sessions. After assessing the specific needs of your end users, our consultants provide you with targeting training that is tailored to your organization’s requirements.


Once you have successfully implemented your EAM/CMMS software, the next step is to consider ongoing planning and periodic audits. Needs change, staffing changes and you will want your system to grow with you. This can be best done by scheduling periodic audits to determine how you can use your system to its fullest potential.

DPSI’s Professional Services Team can access your current usage, help with planning for future goals, and assist with services such as ongoing training as needed. The end result of our audits is a maintenance management system that operates more efficiently and gives you better results with less effort.

Data Migration

Ensure a seamless transition to our asset maintenance software by having our experienced migration staff transfer data from a variety of CMMS and non-CMMS programs. Our data migration services include data mapping from your old software to your new system, data accountability, and installation instructions.


Customize our solutions to meet your organization’s specific maintenance needs. We can tailor reports, develop unique application modifications, link data with external applications, and so much more.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support Team is patient, understanding and knowledgeable. Unlike many software companies, DPSI does not outsource our customer service and we have real people who manage our Fast Response Desk, not an automated phone system. Our Customer Support includes technical support via a toll-free telephone (US and Canada) and email, free program upgrades and updates, access to our private Customer Corner website and forums, membership in the DPSI User Group, and a subscription to our quarterly Solutions newsletter.

Call 877-304-0431 or fill out our online contact form for more information about the full suite of EAM/CMMS services.