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From maximizing equipment up-time to staying on top of preventive maintenance, there are many challenges associated with maintenance management. An EAM Software (Enterprise Asset Management) system that centralizes data and automates maintenance management tasks can help you save time and lower operating costs. iMaint enterprise asset management software is a user-friendly enterprise asset management system that provides you with the tools you need to monitor maintenance activities and make ongoing improvements to your maintenance operations.


Product Literature     System Requirements

iMaint includes the following standard features

  • Work Orders

  • Work Requests

  • Scheduling

  • Assets

  • Parts & Inventory

  • Purchasing

  • Projects

  • Reports & Graphs

  • Cost Tracking & Budgeting

  • Labor & Craft Management

Many maintenance management software programs have a high learning curve and are cumbersome, but iMaint is incredibly easy for maintenance staff to use. The system has enabled thousands of customers to successfully track and manage maintenance activities and achieve a healthy ROI.

Why iMaint Enterprise Asset Management Software?

iMaint is best-of-breed preventive maintenance software that was developed specifically for maintenance – not as an afterthought in a suite of applications. iMaint’s user interface is simple and easy to navigate, so maintenance personnel feel comfortable using it. You can easily move between modules without returning to the navigation tree. Furthermore, functions that belong together are grouped together, so you don’t have to go out of the work order screen you’re in to hunt for related information.

iMaint is suitable for organizations of all sizes, from small to large. The system is highly scalable and can be expanded to multiple sites. iMaint is also updated regularly to keep pace with your organization’s evolving needs. You can access iMaint from the web or a mobile device, as well as keep your finger on the pulse of your organization via a dashboard that displays real-time data graphically.

Work with a Leading Provider of EAM Systems

You can’t just purchase EAM software and expect it to be successful. In addition to seeking a robust EAM system that has all of the features you require, it’s important to work with a software provider that offers excellent support and the depth and breadth of services you need to achieve success. DPSI assists you from initial setup through ongoing management, so you can leave the technology to us and stay focused on maintenance.

DPSI partners with you to ensure that you’re able to successfully implement and use iMaint enterprise asset management software. We draw upon nearly 30 years of hands-on experience to help you get your EAM software up and running efficiently and see to it that the needs of all stakeholders and departments within your organization are met. Additionally, we make recommendations for the future so that you’re able to maximize your return on investment.

Simplify Maintenance Management with iMaint

Implementing the right maintenance management system software is essential to achieving your goals. To discover just how powerful iMaint is and how it could benefit your organization, sign up for a free trial or view relevant case studies. You’ll be amazed by what our system can do!