iMaint Features

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iMaint is a comprehensive enterprise asset management (EAM) software system. Learn more about iMaint features and benefits:

Work Orders

Our iMaint features a complete work order generation, management, and reporting system with the following capabilities:

  • Group multiple assets and procedures together on a single work order
  • Estimate and track labor (internal and contract)
  • Quickly assign labor hours to various work orders for faster processing and closing
  • Keep track of labor, parts, and miscellaneous maintenance costs
  • Schedule resources for specific work orders
  • Graphically show outstanding work for the day, week, or month
  • Reschedule work orders and assign internal and contract labor with a few clicks of a mouse
  • Re-open work orders as necessary to make corrections or add information until the accounting year has been closed
  • Perform downtime tracking

Work Requests

Request needed maintenance using the iMaint system, iMaint mobile work requester or the iMaint web work requester. Once a work request is entered, a designated person is notified. There are audible alert options available for emergencies or based on elapsed time since requests were last reviewed. Users can submit requests from any remote location and are notified when their requests are received or when a work order is started, completed, or cancelled.


Create, edit, and generate scheduled work orders in a variety of ways with iMaint’s scheduling module. This module allows you to complete the following tasks:

  • Automatically combine multiple work orders on a single work order based on similar assets or procedures
  • Automatically create and print work orders that are due or that fall within a certain date range or meter reading
  • Specify days of the year when your company is shut down so that work orders aren’t scheduled for those days
  • Specify date ranges when in-season work should not be done or off-season work must be done
  • Create part exception notes when a schedule requires a part that is currently unavailable
  • Take note of assets that are covered under warranty


The iMaint asset module is powerful and versatile. In addition to entering standard information, you can set up user-defined fields for all assets and specifications by asset type. Information that’s available in the asset module includes the following iMaint features:

  • All parts associated with an asset
  • All procedures associated with an asset
  • Schedules set up for an asset
  • General ledger accounts
  • Asset status and location change
  • Recurring and non-work order related costs
  • Codes
  • Warranties
  • Meter readings
  • Seasons
  • Attachments
  • Comments

The asset tree displays each asset and its parent or children. Other asset options include asset types, asset locations, asset groups, meter types, meter update, and lines.

Parts & Inventory

The inventory module manages parts, suppliers, and adjustment information. A part can be defined as a component (serialized) or a stocked part associated with a warehouse location. Parts can be stored in any number of warehouses, and part ordering information can be tracked at the warehouse level.

iMaint can be used to manage inventory at multiple sites. You can search for a part at your own site or select any number of sites to search. The system shows you every site with the part, the warehouse and location, and the quantity on hand and available for use. Transferring parts between sites is also simple.


iMaint’s purchasing module is designed to automatically generate purchase orders with just a few clicks of a mouse. The re-order alert report shows you exactly which parts you need to order. iMaint’s purchasing system can take this list and create purchase orders for you. Parts can be placed on purchase orders in the following ways:

  • Automatically generated by iMaint when due based on re-order method selected and current quantities
  • Entered via a purchase request
  • Manually entered in the purchase proof

iMaint supports multiple currencies, which you can select by supplier. You can also order parts, contract labor, and miscellaneous items that won’t become part of your stocked inventory. Maintenance staff and users outside of the maintenance department can submit purchase requests.


iMaint’s projects module allows you to easily manage any project, link work orders and history to projects, and automatically launch third-party project management software. You can establish a budget for a project and actual costs on the budget will be updated as work orders and other expenses are associated with the project. In addition, you can create schedules for projects so that work orders are generated automatically.

Reports & Graphs

With more than 100 ready-to-run reports to choose from as well as custom reporting options, iMaint allows you to collect and analyze a wealth of information about your maintenance operations. iMaint’s reports & graphs module provides you with vital, real-time information about one site or multiple sites. After choosing a report or graph, you can query the database for specific information. All reports are accessible by category, number, or keyword, and you can preview reports and graphs before printing or emailing.

General Ledgers / Budgeting

Establish general ledger accounts for all maintenance-related cost accounts. Fiscal year periods are user-defined with up to 13 optional periods and budgets for each. Actual costs associated with work orders will be associated with a fiscal period based on the dates defined for the period. Cost transaction records are created as an audit trail whenever costs are applied in iMaint. These transactions can be viewed at any time.


Send emails to anyone with a supported email account or wireless device using iMaint’s email functionality. Users can send messages via iMaint manually or have emails dispatched automatically. You can also notify maintenance staff about new assignments and work orders that require action.

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