iMaint Web Requesters

The iMaint Web Requesters add-on module allows users to submit requests from any computer with Internet or network access through a simple web form. Users can choose to fill out basic information or provide more details.


Anybody who has access to the URL of the web request page or who is on the intranet can submit a work request, even if they aren’t licensed users. The entire application is web-based.


How iMaint Web Requesters Work


Let’s say you’re a maintenance manager at a shopping center and an employee notices that an air conditioner is leaking water. The employee can submit a work request via the shopping center’s website by providing his/her name and a quick description of the problem. The system automatically routes the request to iMaint for approval and processing. You receive an email or audio/visual alert about the new work request in the system and can approve the request and turn it into a work order, assign it to a specific user, and email the work order to the user. If a similar work request has already been made, you can reject the request. The employee who submits the request can opt to enter his/her email address and receive notifications when the request has been received, approved/rejected, completed, or canceled.


iMaint Web Requesters can easily be integrated into your organization’s maintenance operations and website. To learn more about how the iMaint Web Requesters add-on module can further improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your maintenance department, call 877-304-0431 or fill out our online contact form.

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