• Oct 28, 2015

    Benefits of Using Manufacturing Plant Maintenance Software
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    Manufacturing Plant Maintenance SoftwareIn today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, any advantage can be the difference between winning new work from a customer and losing out to a competitor. In this highly competitive environment, manufacturing plant maintenance software can help you increase efficiency and enhance revenues.


    Better Project Management

    One of the benefits of using manufacturing plant maintenance software is a radical increase in the data available to project and maintenance managers. Through robust reporting on any trackable component of the manufacturing process, stakeholders are able to access real-time data and evaluate the status of any project. The immediate availability of relevant information allows an organization’s leadership to adjust their priorities, if necessary, allocating additional resources to problem areas in order to reduce bottlenecks in production.
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  • Oct 26, 2015

    Advantages of Using Preventive Maintenance Software
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    Preventive Maintenance SoftwareWant to reap the benefits of a preventive maintenance strategy? Preventive maintenance software provides your organization with a number of advantages, including peace of mind, the complete organization of your scheduling routine, and an optimal working environment. Preventive maintenance software also boosts your bottom line by reducing expenses and enhancing revenue. The following are other important advantages associated with preventive maintenance software.


    Well-Maintained Assets Last Longer

    Missing a single maintenance check on an asset may or may not impact the useful life of the asset, but it is nevertheless true that any asset that is properly maintained will on average last longer. Preventive maintenance checks will identify potential problems with the asset before these problems escalate to the level of requiring a replacement.

    The value that a longer-lasting asset has on the financial wellbeing of any organization cannot be overstated. If a year can be added on average to each major asset that a company operates, this will free up working capital and improve profits.
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  • Oct 22, 2015

    Advantages of Facilities Management Software
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    Facilities Management SoftwareFacilities management software offers a number of significant advantages. When considered individually, these benefits are impressive, but when taken as a whole, they demonstrate the necessity of seriously considering an investment in facilities maintenance management software.





    • While certain stakeholders may not place a strong emphasis on compliance, there are likely a myriad of regulations that are applicable to your industry. Failure to comply with these laws can result in significant fines or even a temporary shutdown of operations. Facilities management software can be programmed to test against issues of compliance and include the necessary activities to ensure compliance.
    • Captures information automatically. Facilities management software captures information automatically through the course of the workday. For example, if you fill out a work order to repair a piece of equipment, the software then captures that information and creates a history that is associated with that particular piece of equipment.
    • Fast and accurate reporting. One of the greatest advantages of facilities management software is the ability to generate reports with little to no delay. Reports provide real-time information to key decision makers in an organization, enabling them to make more informed business decisions.
    • Synchronize preventive maintenance actions. Combine separate preventive maintenance work orders to synchronize preventive maintenance actions and manage your workload more efficiently.
    • Employee oversight. Another advantage of facilities management software is an enhanced insight into employee performance. Each employee will be aware of the exact part he or she plays in the maintenance operation of the facility, and key stakeholders will be able to assess the performance of individual employees against expectations. You can monitor your employees’ performance to determine how they’re doing on the job, measure their productivity levels, and identify opportunities for improvement.
    • Integrate the software with other applications in your organization. Maintenance software can integrate with other software that you use in your organization. For the best results, opt for best-of-breed maintenance software that was developed specifically for maintenance, yet that easily integrates with other types of modern software.
    • Thorough and consistent processes. Using facilities management software to manage workflow will result in a level of efficiency that is difficult to maintain otherwise. The software will ensure that maintenance tasks are adequately and completely described, and these thorough processes will be scheduled on a consistent basis. You can ensure consistency by designating certain form fields as required and controlling how users enter information.
    • Mobility and collaboration. Particularly in the case of organizations with multiple facilities, the ability to have access to facility data via a smartphone, laptop, or tablet is vital. This allows members of management to make timely and informed decisions.

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  • Sep 09, 2015

    Pros and Cons of Web-Based Facility Maintenance Software
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    Facility maintenance software provides a multitude of benefits. Maintenance software helps you plan and control your facility’s maintenance work, boosting productivity and minimizing equipment downtime. There are two different types of facility maintenance software to choose from: premise-based and web-based.


    A premise-based solution is hosted on your company’s servers, so you are responsible for supporting and maintaining it. On the other hand, web-based facility management software is housed on servers your company doesn’t own and is distributed through the Internet.


    A growing number of maintenance management software vendors are offering web-based solutions, but is web-based facility maintenance software right choice for your organization? One size doesn’t fit all. Below are the pros and cons of web-based maintenance software.




    • You can access your facility maintenance software from anywhere in the world – all you need is an Internet connection!
    • There’s no need to worry about maintaining or repairing the servers required to run the software
    • You don’t need any special hardware or software
    • Minimal technical expertise is required to use the system
    • Lower upfront costs
    • The maintenance management software vendor provides technical support
    • The vendor performs all software updates and back-ups
    • You pay as you go, so you only pay for what you actually use
    • You can access the system from smartphones and other mobile devices
    • You don’t have to wait for your IT department to fix things
    • Save on computer systems maintenance costs




    • Your data resides on the software provider’s servers
    • You may not have ownership or control of your data
    • You have to make sure that the provider takes precautions to keep your communications secure
    • You have to make sure that you’re able to get all of your data back from the service provider if they go out of business or you move to a different provider
    • If the service provider is having technical difficulties, you may not be able to access the software
    • Some web-based facility maintenance software has hidden costs
    • Response time is slower than a local network
    • Monthly or annual subscription fees can add up significantly over time
    • A web-based solution may offer less functionality and flexibility
    • You need to call the vendor to access backed up data


    Weigh the pros and cons of web-based facility maintenance software to determine whether it is the right option for your organization. Generally speaking, premise-based maintenance software is a better choice for large companies, which are often reluctant to store company data on external servers. Furthermore, large companies already have an IT department that could implement and handle the upkeep of premise-based software.


    Web-based facility maintenance software is suited to small and mid-sized organizations that lack the required support infrastructure. It also makes more sense for organizations to opt for web-based maintenance software if they plan to use a variety of computers in multiple locations to access the system.


    To determine whether web-based maintenance software would be appropriate for your company, contact DPSI to sign up for a free trial of iMaint Online.

  • Aug 21, 2015

    2015 User Group Conference
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    Take Charge of Change – that is the theme of the DPSI 2015 User Group Conference that will be held October 5-9 at the Myrtle Beach Hilton in Myrtle Beach, SC.

    If you have not yet registered, you want to sign up now in order to take advantage of interactive seminar sessions on product-specific topics, share in roundtable discussions of PMC and iMaint, participate in training days led by Professional Services specialists, and engage with the panelists addressing our theme in the kick-off session.

    The latest releases of both PMC and iMaint will be available and discussed in conference sessions. For even more in-depth information, specific to your company, you can sign up for a FREE data analysis of your company’s data with our Professional Services specialists.

    For the complete agenda and registration form, visit Customer Corner on our website, contact, or call (800)897-7233.

  • Aug 19, 2015

    How to Get User Input when Selecting CMMS/EAM Software
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    CMMS-EAM maintenance software is a serious investment of time and money, both in terms of its purchase and the implementation process. The software will also influence the culture and practices of your company in unforeseen ways. For this reason, the importance of gaining buy-in from all levels of the organization is supreme.


    A lot of time is spent discussing the value of gaining executive approval, and this is important, but equally important is to have input and feedback from actual users. However, it can be challenging to gather this input for many reasons, ranging from lack of investment in the process to these employees simply not having the time.


    CMMS EAM maintenance software


    Start with the Right Kind of Kickoff Meeting


    It is common practice to begin any significant undertaking by announcing it in one form or another to all staff members. More often now than ever before, the method of choice is an email, but this is the least effective way to gather input from end users.


    Instead, schedule a series of kickoff meetings, in which you describe the reason the company is searching for the CMMS maintenance software purchase and a timeline. Then state that this process cannot be effective without input from end users. Ask participants to complete a very brief survey before leaving, indicating their preferred way of providing the feedback. The specific options will vary from company to company, but the following are worth serious consideration, despite the manpower and effort it will take to gather information at this level:


    • Web surveys: Some will prefer to take just 15 minutes and provide you with input. By all means, let them do it, and allow anonymous responses to provide protection. Unfortunately, this information has historically been some of the least accurate form of employee data, so it shouldn’t be emphasized as much as information gleaned via other methods.
    • Observe users during their workday. Rather than having all of your employees take surveys, join an employee in each key department for a day or a portion of the day. Carefully observe his routines, and ask thoughtful questions in the context of his work activities. Pay attention to how his processes could be improved with a CMMS. Offer available EAM software options, and ask if this would be useful. The same approach can be taken with a technician, accountant, and maintenance line worker.
    • Focus groups: For those interested, focus groups are a great way to gather valuable information about the best practices that could be included in CMMS maintenance software.
    • Include users in the Request for Proposal team. There is no stronger way to have input from users than to include users in the RFP team. These individuals will be able to communicate everyday needs and help maximize the utility of EAM software.


    DPSI can meet your organization’s CMMS or EAM software needs. We have been in this industry for nearly 30 years. Our user-friendly enterprise asset management (EAM) system iMaint, centralizes data and automates maintenance management. Contact us for more information or to request a free demo today.


  • Aug 12, 2015

    7 Tips for Better Asset Management with Maintenance Management Software
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    Software for maintenance can greatly enhance an organization’s ability to manage its assets and allows maintenance tasks to be completed more accurately and efficiently. These seven tips will help you get the most out of your CMMS/EAM software package.


    Asset Management Software


      1. Streamline and automate critical practices. In order for your maintenance operations to become more efficient, it’s essential to do away with outdated systems and processes. By using asset management software, you can abandon repetitive, manual processes and turn to automated solutions. For example, you can collect historical information about your assets and quickly sort and analyze a wealth of data, as well as automate the scheduling of preventative maintenance work orders.


      1. Take a proactive stance against downtime. Downtime is a huge problem for maintenance managers. It backs up your production schedule and hurts your profits. Far too many organizations run their equipment to failure instead of performing routine, planned maintenance to prevent downtime. By creating an effective maintenance plan and putting it into place with the help of maintenance management software, you can start scheduling and planning maintenance work and minimize downtime. You won’t be able to prevent every possible incidence of asset failure but you’ll get on track and feel like you’re running your maintenance operations instead of the other way around.


      1. Make informed business decisions with the help of accurate, real-time reporting. Maintenance management software generates a variety of configurable reports that allow you to collect and analyze a wealth of information about maintenance activities at one site or multiple sites. By using a dashboard, you can ensure that key performance indicators are visible at a glance.


      1. Take advantage of the relational database that forms the core of your maintenance software. You can correlate replacement parts to the asset or assets that those parts are useful for. You can categorize equipment into classes, such as compressors or pumps, to view the asset classes as a whole entity. This approach to your maintenance software will simplify and streamline your processes moving forward.


      1. Maintain updated maintenance and operational history. Most maintenance management software allows you to keep detailed notes on all aspects of any given asset. Take advantage of this by maintaining maintenance history and costs. This can serve as a comparison point for the future, or as a way to gauge if a certain model is reliable once replacement becomes necessary. Similarly, maintaining the calibration events and troubleshooting results for an asset will prove useful across multiple locations and for multiple assets.


      1. Use a cloud-based maintenance management software program or add-on. Owing to the mobility of today’s workforce, it has become important to have all your data available anywhere, anytime. Cloud computing is the norm now in business, particularly in the fleet, facility, and manufacturing industries. To keep pace with your competitors, it’s important to be able to access your maintenance data even while you’re on the move with cloud-based maintenance software.


    1. Customize the navigation pane of the software for different levels of users. It’s important to customize your maintenance software for different levels of users, so they only see the work modules that are relevant to their jobs. This prevents an entry-level maintenance technician from reclassifying an asset inappropriately, for example. However, setting the appropriate permissions for each class of user can be more complex than you might imagine. Be certain this is completed properly to provide data security and protection against errors.


    DPSI is a maintenance management software company that has been in business since 1986. We have worked with many well-known corporations, such as FedEx Ground and Kellogg’s, as well as with smaller organizations in the United States and around the world. Our competitively priced software products are scalable, customizable, and equipped to meet a wide range of needs. Contact us today for more information about our solutions.


  • Aug 05, 2015

    Improving Equipment Reliability with a Preventive Maintenance Plan
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    Preventive maintenance plans can extend the life and reliability of any company’s assets, but it is far too complex to maintain manually for most organizations. Given the breadth and volume of assets, it is critical to have a computerized maintenance management system. The effective use of such a system will enhance your assets’ lifespan and reliability in a number of ways.


    Preventive Maintenance

    Stay on Top of Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance

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  • Jul 27, 2015

    8 Factors to Consider When Buying Fleet Maintenance Software
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    Fleet maintenance software is not a small investment of time or money for any organization, so making the best choice is vital. By considering the eight factors listed below, the odds of a successful purchase and implementation will increase greatly.


    Fleet Management
    1. Go slow to go fast. This is very counter intuitive, but a significant purchase like a fleet maintenance system cannot be rushed. Instead, plan to take as much time as needed to locate the best fit for your organization.

    3. Scalability. If all goes well for your implementation and your company, there will be growth in the future. Any fleet maintenance software you consider must have the ability to scale up, including expansion to new sites and even new countries. Failure to consider this might result in your organization “outgrowing” the software in a few years.

    5. Get management buy-in at key junctures. Perhaps the biggest hurdle for any type of significant software implementation is retaining support from the key executives within the company. As the process of purchasing begins, talk with executives about financial boundaries and performance expectations. Invite their involvement at appropriate times, and focus on the benefits of the software package.

    7. Develop a detailed implementation plan. At times, organizations lean too heavily upon vendors to provide implementation support, but the vendor’s expertise only extends so far. It is your company’s responsibility to have a robust implementation plan, and to subsequently follow it.

    9. Consider hiring vendor consultants to support the purchase and implementation process. It may be that your organization is too lean to effectively manage the purchase of fleet management software. If this is the case, the best option is to hire consultants to manage the process for you. These professionals will assess your needs, guide you through all phases of the implementation process, and teach you how to make the most of your fleet maintenance software.

    11. Do not forget training. Your implementation will fail without strong training As you evaluate vendors, be sure to ask about training. The following four categories of training should be included in any price package you are provided:


    • Initial on-site training for all relevant departments
    • Leave-behind resources for future reference
    • Web-based training courses
    • Additional on-site or off-site training courses provided as needed

    1. Trust your gut. Any major purchase should fundamentally be made based upon the value and benefits offered by the vendors competing for your services. Too much reliance upon your instincts could result in a terrible decision. However, you also should not completely discount your gut either. If something feels off, delve into it by asking further questions until you regain your comfort.

    3. Don’t celebrate too quickly. Many companies treat the end of an implementation as the finish line. In truth, it is the starting line. Stay vigilant to ensure the fleet maintenance software meets the needs of your organization.

    DPSI can help you make the most of your fleet maintenance software purchase. We offer iMaint Fleet , an enterprise asset management system that helps organizations save time and lower operating costs. Modules that come with iMaint Fleet include work orders, work requests, scheduling, purchasing, reports & graphs, projects, and so much more. Contact us for more information or request a free demo today.


  • Jul 13, 2015

    Shifting to the Cloud: What to Consider When Switching to a Cloud-Based CMMS System
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    A common mantra repeated throughout the software world today is that the cloud is the future, and this is equally true within the equipment maintenance software industry. Most CMMS/EAM vendors offer a cloud-hosted option, and some vendors also offer a cloud add-on module for on-premise customers.


    When you’re considering using a cloud-hosted CMMS for the first time, it can be concerning because a certain sense of security comes with the understanding that your data is your data and it’s only on your server. If this is a concern, your organization can use on-premise CMMS utilizing a private cloud on your own servers. However, there are distinct advantages to  cloud-hosted CMMS.


    Cloud CMMS SOftware

    Get Up and Running Quickly

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