What Our Customers Say

“I really like PMC. If I didn’t have it, I’d never get to go home because there are so many things I couldn’t get done without the program.”

Ken Palas
Celestial Seasonings

“Overall, using PMC probably saves me about a half-hour every day. I just take 20 minutes every morning and run off work orders for the day… and makes my day a whole lot easier.”

Joe Berry
Boride Engineered Abrasives

“My job is to direct a staff of 25 people who maintain five acres of factory under one roof. I couldn’t do this without PMC… I would need a full army of people just shuffling paper around.”

Phil Robinson
GKN Sinter Metals

“…less repetitive data entry while doubling the efficiency of those who use the iMaint Mobile system. Using PDAs for our staff saves five hours per person per week just in locating parts information.”

Mike Oakley

“iMaint’s adaptability allows us to tailor the product to our needs, as well as the needs of each department. “

Deborah Butler
City of Reidsville, NC

“It doesn’t get any better than DPSI handling everything for us; doing all the back-ups, security, updates, etc. There are no servers to maintain, no client installations. iMaint Online is the way to go!”

Chris Laudate
Inline Plastics

“iMaint enables us to submit detailed cost information on a schedule that’s responsive to our needs. It also helps us to stay within budget, since we know where costs are at any time. “

Terri Stamey
City of Reidsville, NC

“We’re much more efficient in our work order processes since using iMaint Mobile. We also get more data and better readings for each work order, which helps us to identify repetitive causes through Failure Mode Analysis.”

Mickey Reaves
Sonoco Flexible Packaging

“I never thought I would say this, but I love these iMaint reports. They are perfect for what I need. What a time saver. Thank you so much for the training. I can’t wait to present these to the others!”

Darla Pike
Washington County, OR

“Moving to iMaint Fleet is the best money I’ve ever spent. We are still learning new things it can do every day we work with it.”

Dan Walsh
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

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