DPSI 2014 User Group Conference Recap

If you were not at the Myrtle Beach Hilton from October 6-10, you missed an exceptional DPSI User Group Conference.  We had a great group of attendees, who found that “Plan, Protect, Prevail” offered them some tried-and-true solutions and many ideas for future improvements through expanded use of their CMMS.

The general and breakout sessions covered broad stroke and detailed areas of CMMS usage, led by DPSI staff and many creative and innovative customers.  New releases of both PMC and iMaint were covered in sessions and the Product Room allowed customers hands-on time with the soon-to-be released version of iMaint 4.0.  Lively discussions, networking and sharing of ideas kept attendees engaged for the two days of the Conference and the two training days that followed.

For more information on iMaint or PMC program, contact sales@dpsi.com.

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