• Jul 13, 2015

    Shifting to the Cloud: What to Consider When Switching to a Cloud-Based CMMS System
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    A common mantra repeated throughout the software world today is that the cloud is the future, and this is equally true within the equipment maintenance software industry. Most CMMS/EAM vendors offer a cloud-hosted option, and some vendors also offer a …

  • Jun 30, 2015

    Why Training Is Key to the Successful Implementation of CMMS Software
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    Selecting and installing a CMMS program is an important decision for any organization, but it is even more vital to understand that implementation is not over at installation. It is vital to ensure that CMMS training occurs as part of …

  • Jun 23, 2015

    8 Tips for Finding the Ideal Computerized Maintenance Management Software
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    Selecting the ideal computerized maintenance management system is an important task, one that will impact your organization for years to come. Choosing a CMMS that is a poor fit could result in downtime, lost profits, and poor employee morale. Consider …

  • Jun 17, 2015

    5 Tips for Successfully Scaling Maintenance Management Software to Multiple Sites
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    Selecting CMMS software is a significant decision for an organization. Another equally significant milestone is scaling CMMS software from one site to multiple sites. There are two distinct ways in which in this transition may occur.   The first is …

  • May 08, 2015

    New OSHA Regulations and What They Mean for Maintenance
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    The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) continues to play a more active role in ensuring employee safety through its investigations and enforcement actions. In 2014, over 39,000 inspections were conducted, with a strong focus on …

  • Mar 12, 2015

    5 Market Trends Driving the Evolution of Maintenance Control Software
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    Maintenance control software, also known as computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software, has been around for more than two decades now. Over the years, DPSI has invested heavily in further developing its software in order to keep pace with emerging …

  • Feb 18, 2015

    Maximizing the Potential of Your CMMS System
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    It’s no secret that equipment maintenance software offers many benefits to your organization. However, organizations frequently find that the software doesn’t deliver the end results they anticipated. This often happens because organizations don’t use their CMMS systems to their full …

  • Feb 17, 2015

    Why You Should Upgrade Your CMMS Program
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    Technology advances so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. New and improved CMMS programs are regularly being released. However, many companies have been using the same system for 10-20 years. By failing to upgrade their software, they fall behind …

  • Oct 27, 2014

    Selecting a CMMS: Considerations for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
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    CMMS systems were being developed and became available around 1965. Traditionally, CMMS software was reserved for big companies that needed to automate and organize large, complex maintenance operations. Only the largest manufacturing firms were able to use maintenance software back …

  • Aug 11, 2014

    5 Important Features of CMMS Programs for Maintenance Managers
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    Maintenance managers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that equipment and facilities are properly maintained. In organizations with a lot of maintenance work to keep track of, a maintenance manager’s job can be overwhelming without a CMMS program at …

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